Story – LOUIS from Rwanda

1. Background

Before I came to Japan, I worked as an IT engineer at Kenyan international company in Rwanda for a year and 6 months. The company name is called “Coseke Rwanda Ltd” ( and the company has many branches in different countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda etc. Most of our clients were the government institutions like Central Bank, Revenue Authority, Housing Authority, social security board (which manages pensions, occupational hazards, medical Community-Based Health Insurance (CBHI) and maternity leave benefits), and many other organizations. I did IT consulting for them, like for system analysis, software development, etc.


僕が日本に来る前は、ケニア系のIT企業にルワンダで1年半の間働きました。「Coseke Rwanda Ltd」(という会社で、ケニア、ウガンダ、タンザニア、ルワンダ等、多国に展開している企業です。クライアントは、政府機関である中央銀行、税務当局、住宅当局、社会保障局(年金、労働保険、地域型の健康保険、産休を取り扱う部署)等、他にも様々です。自分はそういうクライアントにシステム分析やソフトウェア開発等のITコンサルをしていました。


2. The reasons for coming to Kobe, Japan

I wanted to come to Japan to do my Masters in Computing and I chose Kobe Institute of Computing ( because their professors are amazing. They have programs in English & Japanese. There are many African students and also students from Central Asian countries, America, and even Japan. I studied there for 2 years and I’ve recently graduated with my Masters in September 2018. 




3. Things you like about Kobe
I like the weather here. You can see the mountains and also the ocean at the same time. I have a mountain bicycle so sometimes I go up to Rokko Mountain. I go to the harbor side too. Quite amazing. Also, Kobe is open for foreigners. It has the history of being the port for foreigners. Many building signs are actually bilingual. I feel at ease here.





4. Your dream and your plan

I originally wanted to go back to Rwanda and look for a job right after graduating, but I decided to stay in Japan for a few more years and experience the work in the strong IT industry here. US, Germany, and many other countries come to Japan to do research. Do you know that the QR code was invented by a Japanese company? Japan is amazing in IT. Someday I would love to work in an IT job that I can connect Rwanda and Japan. And yes, I want to learn more Japanese too and communicate more. I’m also single, so I’m excited to find someone and get married!




5. Your advice to foreigners coming to Japan

Japan is open for foreigners, especially if you are a hard worker. Some Japanese people are shy and some are not. Some people actually speak English. They are open to you and also your culture. Be yourself and have a good heart and make some friends with them!




6. What was helpful about using Phoenix Real Estate service?

I can’t speak Japanese so much. It was simply helpful that you guys can speak English. You took me to some different houses to check out, not just one. You guys connected the international guarantor company so that I don’t have to have a Japanese guarantor. Some key documents were translated into English and especially it was helpful that the contract was translated into English and I was able to understand the terms of the agreement clearly. Also, you helped me learn how to do the money transfer by using the Japanese ATM. Now I can do more with it. Thank you/domo arigato gozaimashita.

Phoenix Real Estateのサービスを使って、どうでしたか?