Success Okamoto Bld 301

Success Okamoto Bld 301

Success Okamoto Bld 301


For Rent

¥185,000 Per Month

  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_kitchen
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_living
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  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_bath
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_Higashinada_Okamoto_Settsumotoyama_entrane
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_room2
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_room1
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_room3
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_hallway
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_rooftop
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_layout
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_Higashinada_Okamoto_Settsumotoyama
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_storage
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  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_shoesbox
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_toilet
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_washbasin
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_washitsu
  • Success Okamoto Bld_apartment_family_sharehouse_HigashinadaOkamoto_Settsumotoyama_ポーチ

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106.62 sq meter

Year Built



Look at this huge apartment! This place is great for a big family/share house. A spacious living room, 3 rooms, 1 Japanese room, and a storage room. Beautiful kitchen. The combination of wooden flooring and the wooden wall finish is just great. Moreover, you can go up to a rooftop! Only 4 minutes walk to JR Setsumotoyama station. This place is a must take!

Bike parking – YES

Car park – YES


Success Okamoto Bld 301
Address 2 Chome Okamoto Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi
JR Settsumotoyama 4 min
Layout 4SLDK 106.62㎡
Structure RC
Kitchen Stove Gas
Laundry place inside
Airconditioner YES
Year built 1969 Aug
Monthly Payment 月々の支払い
Rent ¥185,000
Common Service ¥0
First Payment only 最初の支払いのみ
Reikin(key money) ¥555,000
Deposit ¥0
Guarantor Fee (TBA) ¥120,250
Fire Insurance (TBA) ¥20,000
Agent Fee ¥199,800

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Agent Nagakawa

Hello, I'm Nagakawa located in Kobe.  I've been living in Kobe area for about 10 years and I love this… Read More

Mobile : 050-5532-1769

Fax : 06-6450-8576

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