Guide for House Hunting Flow

Guide for House Hunting Flow


After you contact us by any means, we’ll provide you with

  • Housing requirement & survey
  • Guidelines


  Search homes

Get introduced to some rooms that fit your requirements. You can also let us know which homes you like on our website.  It’s possible that you bring what you like from other real estate websites however it will probably need a Japanese guarantor and or there is no promise that the landlord of the property would accept so please be prepared. Go and visit some rooms that you like with us. We’ll arrange the schedule of a visit and drive you there. When you like one of the rooms, we’ll apply for it together so please bring the below documents that are required upon application.



Submit an application for the home you liked and also an application for guarantor company.


  • Residence card (在留カード)
  • Passport (パスポート)
  • Employee’s health insurance card (健康保険証) or 3 months of paycheck
  • Bankbook (通帳)
  • Japanese seal (ハンコ)


  • Residence card (在留カード)
  • Student card (学生証)
  • Passport (パスポート)
  • Bankbook (通帳)
  • Japanese seal (ハンコ)


 Tenant examination

The property landlord/management company and the guarantor company will check the forms. They will also call you and your emergency contacts just to check the person actually exists and if the information that you provided is correct.



After the tenant examination is passed, we’ll brief you with Important Points Explanation form for the terms and proceed to sign the contract. Please bring

  1. Certificate of residence (住民票 Juminhyo) for all
  2. Seal (Hanko) *If you are newly buying it from now, mitomein (認印) is the one.
  3. Certificate of a seal registration (印鑑証明書) if you chose a house that needs a Japanese guarantor.



We’ll provide you the payment information.

The payments required here are a deposit, reikin, advanced payment for rent, agent fee, fire insurance, guarantor company fee, key exchange, etc.  It depends on each case.

For each term, please refer to the Guide for Cost.



On the day you can start moving in, we’ll pass you the key.

For more instruction about moving, please check the Guide for Moving.