Find your house in Kobe!  We provide foreigners with information on rental houses & apartments from Nagata, Kobe, Motomachi, Sannomiya, Rokko. etc. We have access to hundreds of rental apartment rooms & houses in Kobe city from normal priced ones to luxury ones. The houses on this website that we update are just a few of the options available. Please contact us so that we can introduce the best houses just for you!  If you would like to search for houses in other cities around Kobe, we can help too!


We provide bilingual real estate info for foreigners in both English and Japanese. We'll help you find your beloved home in this amazing city Kobe, making the process as smooth as possible! 神戸で日本語・英語でのバイリンガルサービスが可能な、外国人のための不動産サービス。お部屋探しのプロセスをスムーズにし、素晴らしい神戸であなたが愛するお部屋を見つけれるようにサポートします!

Phoenix Real Estate

What we support

Instructions for procedures

Usually the flow of house hunting, rules of real estate transaction, paper work, and communication with the public facilities like electricity, gas and water are left to the customers to do by themselves in most agencies without any instructions. However, we provide all these instructions to you so that you can find your home with ease. 「お部屋探しの流れ、不動産取引の決まり事、各書類の申請、引越しの際の電気・ガス・水道手続き」は、お客様自身が下調べをしてくるのが当然という不動産屋さんがほとんどですが、私達はこの全てをあなたに分かりやすく説明し、あなたが安心してお部屋探しが出来るようにサポートします。

No guarantor required

At other Japanese real estates, you will be required to have a Japanese guarantor when you sign a rental housing contract. However, we find places for you that don't require you to search for a guarantor. We can offer a multilingual guarantor company for you. 通常、お部屋契約時には日本人の連帯保証人が必要です。外国人の方のお部屋探しではいつもこれが大変でした。しかし私達は、あなたが連帯保証人を探さなくてもいいお部屋を用意しており、多言語で対応ができる保証会社が付いています。

Utility arrangement

We support contacting utility companies for water, gas, and electricity, and also a moving company if you need help. If you have anything that is unclear during your move, please feel free to ask us any questions and we'll figure it out together. ご必要であれば、私達が代わりに電気・ガス・水道そして引越し会社に代わりに連絡をして、手続きをサポート致します。分からないことがあれば、何でもお聞きください。一緒に解決しましょう。

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You can contact us by LINE and we'll guide you though the process! Also you can contact us from the property pages and Contact page.

Contact us and we can find you rental apartment rooms & houses based on what you are looking for! コンタクトして頂ければ、あなたが探している条件の家を私達が見つけ、紹介します!

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